Quote of the week

“Whether you think you can or can’t you’re right.”

— Henry Ford


2 responses to “Quote of the week

  1. Howard,
    I was going through my records and it appears that you didn’t turn in two high school physics assignments. I noticed Mutsuo’s name on your blog as well. Please let him know that he also is delinquent with his homework.
    John Tracy

    ps nice to see you are both doing well

  2. Hi John, (I mean Mr. Tracy, haha),

    Great to hear from you, and darn, I was hoping you wouldn’t discover those two missing assignments! (actually it was three but who’s counting?)

    Btw we still talk fondly of the famous “I am a Geek” incident during your physics exam (Cliff Miyoshi is still quite proud of that stunt!).

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


    P.S. You can reach Moots at miku1603 at hotmail dot com. My work mail is in this blog, or howardosa at yahoo dot com

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