Weekend getaway


Had a fun and relaxing 3-day weekend in Santa Fe. We stayed at the Inn of the Anasazi — a great hotel, and a short walk to the historic town plaza.

Interestingly, our hotel was part of the Rosewood Hotel Group, which also owns the Hotel Seiyo Ginza in Tokyo.

As always, the best part of the trip was the food. The Shed was very good, but The Plaza Cafe was our favorite — the food was great and the atmosphere was casual and relaxed.

An awesome breakfast dish: Huevos divorciados with tomatillo and chipotle salsa. That’s a tortilla soup in the back, awesome as well. (click on all pictures to enlarge)


Sopaipilla was served with breakfast — this deep fried bread was piping hot, puffy and tasty!


We also had lunch at Plaza Cafe –here’s their chips with three types of salsa: tomatillo, chipotle and pico de gallo (the Alien Beer, a local brew, was pretty darn good, too).


And our dessert:


We also took a quick trip to Pecos National Historic Park, part of the U.S. National Park Service. A shot of the Pecos pueblo and mission ruins:


Read more about Christmas in Santa Fe in this New York Times piece.


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