Higher broadband pricing

DSL has always been priced much cheaper than cable broadband.

However if you are an AT&T customer, that will begin to change next month.

AT&T is raising the price for its broadband data services by $5 a month, as first reported by The Chicago Tribune. It now offers DSL data service at $15, $20 and $25 a month, depending on the speed.

…prices are going up at phone companies, cable companies and satellite TV providers for all manner of services and options. He called this a “harvest” strategy — the companies are trying to acquire customers with low prices and then reap profits several years later with fee increases.

The current pricing:

– Basic (768 Kbps): $14.99 (will change to $19.95)
– Express (1.5 Mbps) : $19.99 (will change to $25)
– Pro (3 Mbps) services.: $24.99 (will change to $30)

From the New York Times Bits blog.


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