Newest Cub


Kosuke Fukudome, a left-handed power hitter, becomes the 10th Japanese position player to sign with a Major League Baseball team.

I thought it was funny how the article spelled out the pronunciation of his name:

KOH-skay Foo-koo-DOUGH-may

His explanation on the mechanics of hitting a baseball also got me thinking about my golf swing:

“I was explaining to them that if you told a man to stand on his hands for a day, he couldn’t do it,” Fukudome said. “But if you told him to stand on his legs for a day, that would be no problem.

The point is your legs have more power than your arms so when you’re batting, you’ve always got to be concerned with how to transfer the power of your legs to the bat in your hands.

“Since the hips are the midpoint between the two, the way you rotate them is crucial for delivering the strength from your legs.

This isn’t the stuff of home runs, it’s about effectively harnessing the power from below to make contact with a strongly pitched ball and not be beaten by its strength.”

The Cubs are hoping Fukudome can end their 100 year World Series drought.

From The New York Times.


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