Ultra portable


In less than one month we’ll all be heading to Japan to celebrate mom & pop’s 50th wedding anniversary. Sue and Carol did a great job planning the trip, and everyone’s looking forward to it.

Since I want to stay connected during the trip, but don’t want to lug my MacBookPro, I decided to buy the new Asus Eee PC, the 2-pound ultra portable notebook that was a big hit last Christmas.

Our IT guy, Anton, recommended it, and it’s received some nice reviews. I like the light weight, internet connectivity via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and fast start-up (12 seconds). It uses 4GB solid state storage (expandable via an SD card slot), not a hard disk, which is small but faster and uses less power.

The OS is Linux, but it comes pre-loaded with Firefox, and OpenOffice, the open source edition of Microsoft Office. And, Asus just announced an Eee that comes pre-loaded with Windows XP.

You can buy the Asus Eee PC on Amazon for $399.


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