A smarter car GPS

Walt Mossberg reviews the Dash Express — what differentiates it from other GPS systems is Wi-Fi and a cell phone data modem, enabling an always-on Internet connection:

Dash Express finally brings the power of the Internet, and of community information, to auto navigation. If it becomes popular, it could be a big deal.

…unlike any other in-car navigation device I’ve seen, each Dash Express, from a Silicon Valley start-up called Dash Navigation, becomes part of a network, connected to the company via the Internet.

Each device not only receives and displays information, but transmits it as well, acting as a “probe,” as Dash calls it, to measure local traffic speeds. This information is compiled by the company and then broadcast back to all other Dash units in your area, almost instantly painting streets on your map with color codes to indicate traffic speeds.

Watch his video review here.


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