In Tokyo

We arrived in Tokyo late afternoon today (it’s now Saturday evening). Everyone was tired and decided to stay in, but Sue and I went for a walk around Ginza for some fresh air and to stretch our legs after a long flight.

Sunday will be a busy day so will make this a quick post so we can get some sleep.

Btw the picture of sakura (cherry blossoms) was shot last week in Tokyo. The sakura bloomed early this year, but hopefully there’ll be some flowers left to see tomorrow.


2 responses to “In Tokyo

  1. Hey Howard,
    Ohayogozaimasu! How’s it going? Hope everyone is having a great time in Japan!And, Happy 50th Anniversary to your mom and dad!
    Someone told me to check out your blog so here I am. Please tell Sue a, “hello.” Tell her we’ll have to get back so I can hear about her trip.

  2. Hey Stacy,

    Nice to hear from you! The trip’s going well and everyone’s having fun. We’re in Nagasaki now. Plan to post pictures during the trip so check back again later. Sue says hello too!

    Take care,


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