Nagasaki pics

I’m late posting pictures, partly due to a new user interface in WordPress, and our day-to-day schedule. Here’s some shots from Nagasaki, which we visited on Monday and Tuesday this week:

Click images to enlarge…

Oura Catholic Church — Japan’s oldest wooden church, built by French missionaries in 1865.

Glover Garden — Named after a wealthy Scottish man named Thomas Glover, who came to Japan in 1859 at the age of 21. The Japanese government considers this an “important cultural asset.”

Chinatown — had lunch here; see next photos

Chanpon — Nagasaki’s famous (& ubiquitous) specialty at Kouzanrou restaurant. I prefer ramen, soba or udon.

(name tbd) Tonpourou (とんぽうろう) — Forgot the name of this, but a combination of Cliff’s cha-shu sandwich and a cha-shu ball. Really good!

Cha-han (fried rice) — Excellent!

Kirin draft beer (生ビール) — Nothing more to say…speaks for itself!

More pics to come in a later post.


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