In Hiroshima

It’s 7:15am Sunday morning in Hiroshima and watching the third round of the Masters. Tiger is now in 4th place, 3 strokes behind the co-leaders.

We arrived here on Friday, and are staying at probably the nicest hotel during our trip, the Hotel Granvia Hiroshima. Pop was very excited when he got off the train, as this is a homecoming for him, having spent seven years of his youth in Hiroshima (from when he was 7 years old).

We spent most of Saturday with Pop’s cousin, Yoshinori Sawa, who was so friendly and hospitable as usual. His loud voice also reminded us of our bachan (grandmother).

On with the pictures (click to enlarge):

Okonomiyaki at Mitchan restaurant. Yes, that is Pop’s beer.

My order. Ate all of it.

The Sawa home. Sakura was in bloom.

Yoshinori (L) and Pop. As you can see, Yoshinori is a real down to earth guy (and former school principal). He also farms rice.

Mom, Carol & Michael. I like the lanai-type area that surrounds two sides of their home.

Feeding the koi (they are huge).

Two of the pups. Kishu ken breed – known for boar hunting and intelligence. From the Wakayama-ken area, near Mom’s hometown. More info here.

Relaxing before dinner. (Dr. Mike, notice the 35mm film camera).

Yoshinori’s parents. His dad looks just like Pop, and was Pop’s favorite uncle. Yoshinori said his dad’s name is etched into the Memorial Cenotaph, in recognition for helping the A-Bomb survivors during the war.

Sue & Mom out for a walk.

Inside the living room.


Yoshinori’s wife, Sanae, on his left; Yoshinori’s brother, Kunihiko, on Pop’s right.

With yours truly (thanks Sue!).


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