Japan baseball

It’s late here in Tokyo, but wanted to post a few pictures from the SoftBank Hawks baseball game on April 10th in Fukuoka.

It was Michael and Carol’s idea to check out the game, and everyone had a great time.

Click all photos to enlarge…

The Yahoo! Dome.

Can’t miss the beer and food stands with that huge signage.

This Kirin stand was right next to Asahi.

This was one of three or four stands from the same vendor, all in a row – all selling different foods.

Udon and ramen noodles offered at this place – in addition to corn dogs and fries – quite a combo.

Curry and don-buri (e.g. beef bowl) here.

I wondered if it tasted better vs. back home (McDonalds tastes better here btw)

I didn’t see too many customers here.

They put the mustard & ketchup on for you (I asked for mustard only, though).

Settling in before the game.

We even dragged mom to the game (just kidding – she didn’t want to stay back at the hotel with Pop).

You’ll never go thirsty with these guys around!


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