Tsukemono on a stick

We’ve had some really hot weather lately, and it was even hot and sticky at last night’s Dodger game.

Which made me think about this cool snack we found during our Japan trip, near Ise Shrine in Mie-ken: tsukemono (つけもの) on a stick!

It was really good tsukemono, cool and crispy, and not too salty. No need for shoyu, either.

As you can see below, they were kept chilled on ice (click to enlarge):

Sue buying hers.

I think cousin Alan was the most excited about this snack!


2 responses to “Tsukemono on a stick

  1. Michael Mayeda

    Looking for a cold snack during this heat wave. Head to the Tea Station in Pacific Square. Get the shaved ice dishes. Cliff recommends the Mango shave ice. Fresh mango with condensed milk over shaved ice. Better than the old Thai Ice we used to get.

  2. Thanks Mike, that sounds good.

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