Food weekend

This past weekend Harumi and I had two great meals, one at Torafuku with Mike and Janet, and a second one at Sanuki no Sato with mom and pop. Both were a lot of fun — and the bottle of Koshi no Kambai sake Mike and I shared wasn’t too bad either.

Funny story: Harumi heard Sanuki no Sato’s owner tell one of the waiters to inform customers that they were all out of the regular $23 rib eye steak, and all they had was the $45 Kobe beef steak. Sounded like he was joking … I think.

Some Torafuku food pictures:

Touban yaki rice, with salmon. Really good!

Touban yaki rice with tiny shirasu-type fish. This was good too.

Korokke (Carol’s favorite), also good!

Hamachi kama (yellow tail collar). Mike, check out the blue fin tuna collar here.

And, some food pictures from Sanuki no Sato:

Seafood salad – good!

The $23 rib eye steak (not the $45 Kobe steak). Of course, no comparison to Jockos.

Mom’s favorite, the nasu (eggplant) covered with a tasty sauce that includes ground chicken.

Yakisoba — this was just so-so, though we did finish it!

Nabeyaki udon — really good!


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