Alaska fishing

It’s Wednesday afternoon — Steve, Deano, Paul and I just got back from a halibut fishing trip. Enjoying a few beers and good stories — and some amazing salmon toro (fatty belly area) and gohan (thanks Mark! and M and B for the delivery service!)

I’m late with pictures (sorry Linda, Cheryl), so here’s a few:

Update: added photo of Steve’s King salmon.

Sunday dinner at Lone Star Steakhouse in Anchorage.

Mark making plans Monday morning in Anchorage.

Mark and Mas looking for fish at Potter’s Marsh, just outside of Anchorage.

On Seward Highway heading south from Anchorage.

Our home base at Big Sky Charter and Fishcamp.

Michael with one of the first fish of the trip — a sockeye salmon.

Brandon’s King salmon (Michael caught his today, as did Eric — I heard Eric’s was 60+ pounds! No pictures yet).

Yesterday’s King salmon catch.

Here is Mas’ King salmon, since he missed the group shot.

We ate well — as you can see from this “loco moco.”

I think Paul’s catch may have led in total poundage — like this 40 lb. King salmon caught yesterday…

…and this 60 lb. halibut caught this morning.

On the halibut boat.


4 responses to “Alaska fishing

  1. Thanks for the pics! Glad to see you “boys” are enjoying yourselves (fishing and eating)!

    Happy Birthday, Mark!

  2. Hi Na,

    Thanks for posting the great photos! Looks like everyone is having a good time, in spite of the rain.

    Happy Birthday, U. Mark!

  3. Great photos! So many smiling faces. Happy Birthday to Mark!

  4. Hey Linda, Cheryl and Carol — you’re welcome. btw I borrowed a few shots from Deano and Paul. Yes, everyone enjoyed the trip, thanks to Mark and Danny’s great job planning the trip, and their good relations and friendship with the owner of the facilities here.

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