Mac vs. PC

At the end of last year I bought an HP Elitebook 6930p notebook with Windows XP and Office 2007, to use as my main computer for work. I love my 15″ MacBookPro, but the Mac version of Office seriously suffers in usability, which I am now totally convinced of after using the much better PC version of Office for 3+ months now. I still use my Mac for my home computing, digital photos, etc.

With Windows 7 rumored to be released later this year, this article caught my eye:

I’m not a religious computer user, meaning Mac OS and Windows are just tools to me. I don’t religiously defend either platform. I’m neither Mac fanatic or Windows fanboy. I always use both operating systems, but still must choose one over the other as primary. I’ve flopped between platforms for more than a decade.

The [Windows] Seven public beta is speedy and functional. Sure, there are some glitches but nothing more than what should be expected from beta code. I haven’t had this much fun using a computer since when I carted home that iMac more than a decade ago. I’m more productive, too.

That’s with beta software. I can only expect better from the release candidate and final code.

Apple has lapped up after Windows Vista for years, long before it released. Windows 7 won’t as easily give up sales to Macintosh. In February I wrote about year-over-year U.S. retail PC gains against massive Mac sale declines: “The Windows Empire Strikes Back.” Times are changing.

I love the Mac, but I must make her my mistress and take Windows 7 as the new bride. No one is more surprised than me.

I’m a PC, and I just can’t believe it.

From eWeek’s Microsoft Watch.


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