Toyota to Overhaul U.S. Operations

New sheriff in town at Toyota:

Toyota Motor Corp. is expected to announce as early as Friday in Japan a major overhaul of its U.S. operations, bringing engineering, manufacturing and sales under a single executive to revamp the ailing business.

People familiar with the matter said Yoshi Inaba, a former senior executive who left the auto maker in 2007, has been formally asked by Toyota this week to oversee most of the key aspects of the U.S. business.

With the appointment, Toyota is expected to bring Mr. Inaba back to the company’s board, the people said. It is highly unusual for Toyota to bring back an executive who left the company.

As part of the reorganization, Toyota is expected to have its New York unit, Toyota Motor North America Inc., function as the company’s full-fledged U.S. headquarters that brings engineering, manufacturing and sales under one umbrella, the people said. Previously, the unit’s main function was investor relations and government affairs. Mr. Inaba, a fluent English speaker, is expected to be named president of Toyota Motor North America and live in New York.

From the Wall Street Journal.


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