Food in Tokyo

It’s Sunday morning and we’ll be heading to the airport in a couple hours. Thanks to Harumi, we ate really well this week, probably too well … veggies next week.


Our first meal…tonkatsu (とんかつ), fried shrimp (えび フライ) and potato croquette (コロッケ) lunch at Wako, between Yurakucho station and the Imperial Hotel.


ハンバーグ (hamgaagu, or Japanese-style hamburger) at Tsubame Grill (つばめ グリル), near Tokyo station. Really good…the hamburger was so tender. If you like Hawaii loco moco, you’ll like this.


Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen at Kyuushuu Jangara (九州 じゃんがら) in Nihonbashi. Outstanding!

Click for more pictures…


The second-largest gyoza you’ll ever eat, at Tenryu (天龍), on the main Ginza street, first crossing (一丁目).


Dessert at Shunju (春秋) restaurant, in Akasaka. Thank you Koji!


Curry at Sangosho (珊瑚礁) in Kamakura. Nice ocean views.


Harumi and her mom had all this sushi for only $10 (950 Yen) at Tsukiji Sushi Sei (築地すし清), located in Hibiya, near the Imperial Hotel.


The area near Jindaiji temple in Chofu is famous for hand-made soba noodles, like these at Shinsen restaurant.


Ochazuke (おちゃずけ) at Hidori near Ginza.


Our last dinner, at Harumi’s folks place. The fish in the lower right corner of the screen is tachiuo (タチウオ), or scabbard fish. We had it grilled; Harumi’s dad said it is also great sashimi, which some think is better than toro (トロ). But you can’t buy it sashimi at the store — it only stays fresh enough for sashimi if you catch it on a boat and eat it the same day.

Update: last minute food at Narita airport…


Tako yaki (たこ焼) at Gindako (銀だこ). I was never a big fan of tako yaki, but these were really good!


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