Family crest


Last night got an e-fax from my dad’s cousin in Hiroshima, Yoshinori Sawa, with our family crest, or kamon (家紋). After asking some relatives on the Osa side, he managed to track it down. It looks cool…will have to learn more about its meaning when we’re back in Japan. Thank you Yoshinori!


10 responses to “Family crest

  1. my family got the same family crest.. yanagisako is my grandpas last name..

  2. I’ve been trying to find my family crest for a while now. Still no luck.

  3. I saw your posting on the Japanese family crest website. My grandfather (Akita) has the same exact family crest. I am not sure if many families share the same crest or we maybe from the same family.

  4. Do you happen to know if any of your family migrated from Japan to Hawaii?

  5. Harunobu Takeda

    It is Go-san-no-kiri, one of Kiri-mon(Empress Tree Crest).
    Kiri-mon was a symbol of Prime minister since Azuchi-momoyama era(roughly 1570~1610). Empress Tree was sacred symbol, which believed Phoenix(Chinese Phoenix, or Fenghuang) dwells within. Emperor presented it as a honorable family crest to notable warlords, such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi(1537-1598) or Ashikaga Takauji(1305-1358).

    But during the Edo era, not only Samurai class, but commoners also started using Kamon. and a lot of commoners chosen Go-san-no-kiri because Toyotomi was also lowborn man who made up to Daimyo. but Go-shichi-no-kiri(which has more leaf) is remained as a crest for highborn, and it is still official Crest for Prime minister of Japan.

    I don’t think your ancestor was a Samurai. but they may be a successful merchant or farmer. If someone have their own coat of arm, they can’t be just lowborn peasant.

  6. Harunobu Takeda

    And, I’m not saying Go-san-no-kiri is lower crest. It is still a official crest for Palace elite guard and Minister of Justice.

  7. My family in Japan, Murooka, has been, for a long time, carrying this Gosan no Kiri Kamon. We had to put on the Kendo armor and formal kimono as well to carry the tradition.

  8. Byron Kanemaru

    Our family also have this kamon, apparently our ancestors came from the Hiroshima prefecture and there is a book of our family history that I will have to get my hands on. My great grandfather ( Iwajiro Kanemaru ) is the first to come to the USA by way of Hawaii . Supposedly our ancestors served the Takeda ‘s in the past.

  9. I have a black tomesode kimono with five gosan no kiri crest on it. No I am not Japanese. I collect and wear kimono. Japanese language and culture is a hobby of mine. When the “Lethal Beauty” exhibition came to Birmingham, AL, I noticed on the samurai armor has a govan no kiri crest as well.

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