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Busy week


We arrived in Tokyo Sunday evening and it’s already Friday morning. The days have been packed with planning and running errands … and every evening we’ve had dinner with friends, former colleagues or Harumi’s folks. We got many things done which is great.

Of course food is one of the important reasons to visit Japan, so I’ll post a few pictures later today when I have more time. Harumi took the shot above near Jindaiji temple in Chofu, about 10 miles west of Shinjuku (yes I had a ソフト クリーム).


Off to Tokyo

It’s been exactly one year this month since our family vacation to Japan. Today Harumi and I will be going there for one week. But I think we’re equally excited about eating some great food, like curry at Sangosho in Kamakura and Kaotan Ramen in Nishi Azabu, two of Harumi’s favorite restaurants. Will try to post here during our stay there. It’s 7am now and back to some work I need to finish before we take off.

Off to Seattle

One-day trip for an off-site meeting. Flying Virgin America for the first time — their check in area at LAX was really cool, and all the employees looked calm and relaxed, unlike the stressed out, overworked staff you typically see at most airlines. Price was right too: $48 each way.

Back to my Starbucks coffee…it’s 6:30am and still trying to wake up.

Back online

It’s been a while since I’ve written. The last few months of 2008 were extremely busy at work — maybe the busiest I ever was — as we tried to buy a business unit of a major European media company. Which meant lots of writing, number-crunching, document preparation, urgent deadlines, weekend work, travel and meetings…and I got engaged to be married during the middle of all that, which added even more stress, but in the end was wonderful. I suppose it was fortunate timing (or fate) that my business trip last November included New York, and a free Saturday morning to walk over to the Tiffany store on 5th Avenue. It wasn’t easy to keep a straight face when Harumi asked me at the airport if I bought her a gift in NYC.

And now we are already two months into 2009 and I’m another year older, and hopefully a bit wiser.


Took an overnight business trip and returned today…I may have caught someone’s cold on the plane..didn’t take my Airborne, darn.

By the way, Dr. Mike and Janet are visiting Yellowstone National Park this week. Today’s weather was clear and 52F…but snow is forecast for the weekend.

Soul restoring

Already nearly a month has passed since our trip to Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park, established in 1872. I’ll post more pictures later, but this one is the Grand Prismatic Spring, near Old Faithful Geyser (click to enlarge).

It was a great trip and everyone truly enjoyed it…next time I’ll have to squeeze in some fly fishing! Here’s a shot of the Yellowstone River at Fishing Bridge.

Alaska fishing

It’s Wednesday afternoon — Steve, Deano, Paul and I just got back from a halibut fishing trip. Enjoying a few beers and good stories — and some amazing salmon toro (fatty belly area) and gohan (thanks Mark! and M and B for the delivery service!)

I’m late with pictures (sorry Linda, Cheryl), so here’s a few:

Update: added photo of Steve’s King salmon.

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